But you don’t have to trust or word on that. You can test it on your own. Dating singles online is one of the best ways to gain information about great places for staying to build families and other interpersonal relationships. Single people involved in the sphere of dating and relationships know what they want to do and where to live for sure.

Statistics - Why’s Portugal Great for Relationships and Families?

Various researches about relationships and families in Portugal gave similar but surprising results. On average, 42% of people don’t know anything about raising children in Portugal or dating singles there. To be clear, we’re talking about foreigners. That’s not so surprising. Ask yourself what you know about dating in Montenegro, for example. Not much, right?

That’s why the next fact is so surprising. 54% of people think Portugal is one of the best European countries for relationships and families. That means only 6% of people who took part in research don’t consider Portugal suitable for families or dating. Those are some amazing numbers. Yes, almost half of the foreigners don’t know anything about Portugal, but almost everybody knows something didn’t have anything bad to say. Let’s dig a bit deeper on that.

You have to know that people who do have an opinion about building relationships in Portugal are people who visited it lived there for a while, or have a friend who did.

Everybody is sharing an opinion that Portuguese people are friendly, warm, natural (looks and behavior), and polite, but there is more than that. Portuguese men respect women and aren’t too pushy. Once you start a relationship, they show how passionate they are. Portuguese ladies aren’t afraid to give compliments like most girls are. If she likes you, she’ll tell you. That makes dating in Portugal much simpler than in most countries (at least from foreigners' perspective).

When it comes to families, the Portuguese are extremely caring. Their parental leave laws and FREE health care for kids and pregnant ladies make Portugal a desirable destination to start a family. Other than laws that will work in your favor, the whole mentality will blow your mind. The divorce rate in 2017 was 62,2%. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. When partners realize their relationship isn’t working, they don’t torture each other; they split and save everybody from suffering. Also, cheating isn’t as often as in other countries. Kids are the most important members of every family in Portugal, and their wellbeing is always first. Also, Portuguese people respect their parents. If you decide to start a relationship and family in Portugal, you can be sure your kids will take good care of you.

Conclusion - Give Portugal a Chance, You Won’t Be Sorry

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So the conclusion based on statistics and opinion of the world's population about Portugal is simple. It’s a great country to start a relationship and family. Warmth toward foreigners, respect for families and relaxed, but passionate singles are strong reasons for trying your luck in Portugal. At the moment we wouldn’t advise you to travel anywhere (to stay safe). But you can still meet singles online and start building wonderful relationships you’ll consume in the future.