These isolated windmills overlook Penacova and the Mondego river and it is a landmark worth visiting simply for its beautiful sunrise and sunset views.
For a little bit of historic context, these windmills were used to make flour and if you decide to stay past the sunset, the night sky view is superb and makes for a romantic night of star gazing.

This hidden gem is perfect for taking photographs and just enjoying its views. It also leads to a nearby trail, so is great for walking or hiking as the landscape is wonderful for couples or adventurers alike.

We have included some beautiful photos that were captured by a couple of our readers who visited the area and managed to take some wonderful drone footage and take a startrails photo which is a continuous photo of 30 second exposures added together and the result shows how the stars appear to move around the pole star during the night.
The windmills are part of the culture of the municipality of Penacova. Many years ago, they represented an important source of wealth and livelihood of the population. Near the site there is also a small football pitch, picnic tables, a tap, grills, a bar open only on weekends and a children’s playground.

Moinhos de Gavinhos

Overlooking, the beautiful village of Penacova, the group of Gavinhos windmills is definitely a special place. It is a great place to visit because of its nature “it is a land of rivers, streams, viewpoints and mills”. Although it is isolated and partially abandoned its panorama is fantastic in the company of the windmills and an image of the Immaculate heart of Mary, which seems to bless the work of the mills.

Three of the mills are still in working condition but only one actually works today, by one of the only millers in the village. These windmills ground corn, wheat and rye, for many years and supplied the region and distributed bread to many other regions and although abandoned they have been a preserved heritage site for future generations. It is a region often visited by national and foreign tourists who, transfixed by its charming beauty, come here to photograph and film the scenery.