Portugal calls to be removed from Swiss “Red” list

By TPN/Lusa, in News · 14-12-2020 16:45:00 · 1 Comments

The Secretary of State for Portuguese Communities has stated that Switzerland has no reason to include Portugal on their red list, which as of today requires quarantine on return from the country.

“This decision was taken at a time when Portugal was at the peak of the second wave. It is no longer justified, because we have fewer new cases per 100,000 inhabitants than Switzerland has and the criterion of Switzerland to be put on the red list is that the country should have more cases than Switzerland per 100,000 inhabitants ”, said Berta Nunes.

Speaking to the Lusa agency, the minister revealed that she has received several complaints from Portuguese people who do not accept the measure, some of whom have already signed a petition for Portugal to leave this red list, which today gathered 11,878 signatures.

“We have developed contacts with the Swiss authorities, with our ambassador to Switzerland, who has kept us informed of the situation, and here in the Ministry [for Foreign Affairs] we are developing contacts so that Switzerland removes Portugal from that red list, because it is not justified,” she said.

According to Berta Nunes, Switzerland has not yet responded to the claims from Portugal, but the reason that led the country to put Portugal on the list is not up to date.

This is because the Swiss decision was made “when Portugal was at the peak of this second wave”, she said.

Still without an answer from the Swiss government are the authors of the petition that intends to stop this mandatory quarantine for those returning to Switzerland, coming from Portugal.

The petition was launched on Facebook, on the page "Emigrate to Switzerland", and requires the removal of Portugal from the list of countries considered to be at high risk of infection by the new coronavirus.

As of today, all Portuguese who travel to their country of origin are required to quarantine for 10 days after their return to Swiss territory.

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In May 2020 the boarders between PT, ES, FR and CH reopened after the first lockdown with a Covid level of below 60. The current level is over 400 in CH and over 100 in many other european countries and should be an extreme lockdown and not a reason to ask for a removal of a red list. No wonder are we having this mess with Covid with peope without own sense of risc only there own ease in mind. They need a government to guide and limit them.

By Martin Oehy from Beiras on 15-12-2020 10:47
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