João Cadete de Matos was speaking at the parliamentary committee on Economy, Innovation, Public Works and Housing, as part of a hearing on the regulation of the 5G auction, at the request of the CDS-PP.

"Next Friday the migration" from DTT will be completed, "thus releasing the 700 megahertz band that is one of the bands that will be made available" for the fifth mobile generation, said the president of Anacom.

"It is a process that ends in Madeira," he added.

João Cadete de Matos said that during the DTT migration process, Anacom received "more than 105,000 support calls" and had around 5,000 people who asked for support to make their calls.

"The auction process is proceeding according to schedule", having checked the qualifications of the candidates, he said, now entering "the next phase of the bids".

"We expect that during the month of January, depending on the number of rounds, the auction will be concluded," he added, noting that during the first quarter licenses will be awarded.