Portugal ‘ashamed’ of death of Ukrainian citizen

By TPN/Lusa, in News · 16-12-2020 18:00:00 · 4 Comments

Ukrainian citizen Ihor Homeniuk died at SEF Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) facilities at Lisbon airport in March

Portugal’s Home Affairs Minister, Eduardo Cabrita, has said today in parliament that Portugal ‘ashamed’ of the murder of Ukrainian citizen Ihor Homeniuk at SEF Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) facilities at Lisbon airport in March. He said what happened “is something that, for a country that is a global reference for the way it receives migrants and welcomes refugees (…) makes us ashamed of this circumstance”. Ukrainian national Ihor Homeniuk died after allegedly being fatally beaten by border patrol officers.

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don't waste your time putting comments here , racist portuguese wokes will censor them

By mark from UK on 11-03-2021 07:17

Note for R Soles,
These Portuguese para military outfits are not limited to SEF, their judiciary police and others are no better. These racists hate foreigners and will mistreat and degrade and treat them inhumane at every opportunity. Leave your email contact here if you want to hear the truth.

By Mark from UK on 10-03-2021 09:31

To add more to this, all the Immigrants from third world countries are basically imprisoned here in Portugal. They are asked to work for years and pay taxes duly before they can be granted with a legal residence permit. It's so sad to that immigrants have added a huge chunk of money to the economy yet they are not being treated nicely and are exploited mentally and physically both upto an extent. It's so saddening to see that the poor immigrants, many of which die to see their family members are not granted with a legal status for years however are charged equal amount of tax monthly. The govt. of Portugal should really look into this as this is extremely inhumane and painful to experience for anyone, afterall we all are humans searching for a better life for us and our families.

By Keshav Sharma from Algarve on 22-12-2020 10:09

Portugal is acRACIST COUNTRY,

the fact that portuguese women are forbidden by there family’s to go with or marry foreigners, is proof example,

Many Portuguese women are under fear or pressure, not to patronise with foreign men.
Then you have this para military outfit operating as enforcers, prowling around, spreading fear and terrorising the population, and who have huge record of complaints against them, of bashing people up in police stations, torture, and serious crimes of abuse against detainees and prisoners. And now murdering foreign tourists in transit at major airports, Welcome to the real Portugal.

By R . SOLES from UK on 17-12-2020 02:53
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