Study indicates that emergencies in public hospitals has fallen

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emergency consultations in public hospitals dropped 35% overall, the biggest coming in paediatrics, 57%

The number of emergency consultations in public hospitals fell 35% from March to September, compared to the same period last year, with 1.3 million fewer visits. The biggest drop was in paediatrics (-57%), according to a study unveiled today. The study, developed by the Spanish multinational IASIST and which resulted in an article to be published in this month's edition of the Portuguese Association of Hospital Administrators (APAH) magazine indicates that the months of April (-51%) and May (-43%) were those where there was a more pronounced decrease in the number of emergencies.

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Yes, because people are now afraid of hospitals, because they afraid of being falsely labelled as covid positive,

And then detained, or worse, detained and have a ventilator shoved down their throat, leading to almost certain death.

People do not trust hospitals anymore, because they involved in harvesting false data on covid infections, by using pcr testing kits that give up to 97% false positive results.

By Jones from UK on 16-12-2020 01:03
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