The two categories, which allow the two athletes to register minimums for the Budapest European Championship, in May 2021, were the main highlight of the competition in Jamor, which also saw two athletes complete minimum requirements for the Tokyo2020 Paralympic Games, postponed to 2021 due to the Covid-19pandemic.

In adapted swimming, David Grachat (S9) and Marco Meneses (S11) confirmed their qualification for the Paralympics, in the 400 metres freestyle.

Miguel Duarte Nascimento managed to beat the record in 100 metrefreestyle, which has stood in Portugal since 2009 and was previously held by Alexandre Escudier Agostinho. Nascimento set the new absolute national maximum at 49.04 seconds, being seven hundredths off the minimum for the Tokyo2020 Olympic Games.

In the 100 metre back stroke, Rafaela Azevedo improved on the record she had previously held since 2019, shaving off one hundredth.

On the way to Budapest are two other Portuguese athletes, Gabriel José Lopes, in the 200 metre free style, and Ana Catarina Monteiro, in the 200 metre butterfly.

The competition had the potential to see athletes qualify for Tokyo2020, but nobody at the meet was able to reach the Olympic target, something that the national coach, José Machado, regretted, despite the records that were made.

“We can conclude that these results, at this time, allow us to anticipate that there is a group of swimmers in condition to be able to obtain the qualification marks for the Games in March or May next year”, explained José Machado.