“I can announce that we have already purchased another 260,000 computersat a time when the whole world is fighting for computers ", said Tiago Brandão while also mentioning that the distribution of the first 100,000 computers, which had started in the first half of November, was completed during the first school term.

"We have heard many reports from many countries that failed to buy a single computer, despite having the resources to do so. The production of computers, in the first period, was interrupted in the factories of China, where everything stopped. Then, when it was reactivated [the production] we know that we have thousands of companies wanting to buy computers ", he said.

"We imposed some conditions. That the students of school social action were the first to receive these computers. We started with the secondary, then the basic. (...) This is the biggest digital transition operation that has ever happened in our education system. It was already planned in the Government's programme. It was already being worked on in the Ministry of Education. The pandemic speed up the whole process ", he said.