Vaccines are no excuse to relax and put other people at risk

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The Director-General of the World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned of the danger of easing preventive measures for Covid-19 in the face of the arrival of vaccines, noting the record number of daily infections that have emerged.

"The effectiveness of vaccines gives us hope, but that is no excuse to relax and put ourselves and our loved ones at risk," Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned at a press conference.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus called for "the strengthening of basic sanitary measures that are being achieved in many countries to control the virus".

"There are those who defend the idea that the virus only reaches the elderly and that with vaccines already on the horizon we can relax, but Covid-19 also reaches children or adults and can attack any system of the body, that is why there are many people who suffer long-term consequences", he warned.

The WHO Director-General added that "the vaccines will help end the pandemic, but the effects of Covid-19 will be felt in the coming years," considering that the health crisis "has exacerbated the planet's vulnerabilities and inequalities.

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Speaking from USA and how Democrat socialist Marxist government employees with help of fake news to make fear and panic for ratings they have Weaponized the health care industry for political authority rules. We have censorship about this virus for a political virus for tyranny by the Democrat Marxist party. Here people expressing different sciences views that do not conform to Government health care industry are censor like in China. The person in China who informed about the virus is being punish if not killed in time that is what government tyranny does.

Why is Health care industry allowing it self to be politically weaponized for government rules is MONEY and Prestige. Do you know how much MONEY going into the Health care by who orders of Government. You have a 98 percent recovery if good treatment and call that bad. Flu virus every year cause people to die. Is Government will force YOU to obey any rules to do what protect other at the Expense of your OWN life. Government elites are above the RULES they make up. When government forces you to hurt your self or destroy your business and life for other people and they define what you have DO. That is living in USA Calif shut down of businesses and house protective custody and it has NOT worked the virus has grown. If your a Democrat Protest, riot loot and burn businesses with NO mask NO social distancing that behavior will not cause the spread of the Virus. Must be the Hate prevents this virus in Democrat rioters

Demo Health care have allowed 50 to 100 thousand citizens to die for political ends by not giving sick people a treatment for the virus because it would help President Trump if they gave the treatment. NOW they can use the treatment by order

By Scott M. Bartley from USA on 29-12-2020 05:05
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