MPs will ‘try to conclude euthanasia law in early January’

By TPN/Lusa, in News · 27-12-2020 16:00:00 · 2 Comments

The conclusion of the vote, article by article, of the euthanasia law has been set for the first few days in January

Portugal’s MPs have said they want to ‘try to conclude’ the looming law on euthanasia in early January.

The conclusion of the vote, article by article, of the euthanasia law has been set for the first few days in January, and MPs are aiming to have the final global vote on the 8th.

The group set up on the Constitutional Affairs commission had planned to have ended its mission earlier this week, but the meeting ended due to a lack of quorum.

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Please Portugal voters realize what going to happen with this Euthanasia law once it enforced. It is a Genocide Law that destroys value of LIFE it self and Church values of life where Government value of life like in China. This Genocide law is cancer to your culture values of LIFE it self, Just review Nazis Germany had Euthanasia which is really GENOCIDE base in Government employees decisions to killing LIFE. Once citizen allows this law to be develop in your Culture to kill babies and the old base on Government standards that is decay morally and destroys one soul and spirit. Evil exist just go look at China government control of life and its values. What is the difference once this Euthanasia Genocide LAW comes part of your culture REPLACES the value of life

This law is base on Death over life. It sound sweet to deceive you to FEEL good like the serpent did in the garden of LIFE. Portugal is blessed and this Euthanasia law is pure Genocide by government secular socialist Marxist anti Catholic values of life and GOD. To have government decide your death is Genocide. In America the Democrat National Socialist/Marxist Genocide lawless party wants to give Doctors and government people the right and POWER to terminate a person life like they did in Nazis Germany or in China and Cuba all places government define value of life. In American from 1973 base on hoax lying information to liberal Supreme courts who wanted to believe LIES Babies value to live prevented LAWS to stop killing of babies by abortions which is Genocide of babies. The NEW ideas from Evil Democratic will allow fully born babies to be destroy, killed and body parts used for science base on WHO will pays them. It is a money to kill Law genocide.

By Scott M. Bartley from USA on 29-12-2020 09:55

Euthanasia are you people NUTS it anti Catholic, it anti Christian and anti GOD but it very secular socialist evil Government of destruction like your shut down is. Fight the temptation of the Devil for once you open that Door of Euthanasia which is secular anti Christian come in it very hard to close because of force of corrupt law. Just look to the pass, Nazis Germany had laws like this and it was acceptable to kill babies if they were NOT perfect by government people.. Once you do this what you have is Government atheist defining what is the value of life. Government does not have a soul they are about power to rule and Money,

Do not take the USA Democrat Nation Socialist/Marxist Genocide lawless party ideas and making them part of your Culture it totalitarian one party rule. DO not let government define life and death. Democrat Marxist party ideas is to give doctors the legal right to kill new born babies for many reason. If it born in Democrat evil minds life is what they define. Death is the last great experience and to be killed under law of one country is to live in Cuba China and countries who have NO value of life. Life is hard. painful and fun and joy all to let us learn wisdom and God. You remove God from Government you remove value of life. In Democrat run state one party rule in fed government the Democrat do not value life but what secular atheist Marxist Professors teach for they make the value of life. DO not let this government Evil Euthanasia to allow government employees to kill you base on their learn marxist values to life. Life is what we are here to realize. If you do not believe there is life after are body your Marxist atheist deciding life. Do not do it. It a fools paradise

By Scott M. Bartley from USA on 29-12-2020 04:30
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