When we think about hot water it immediately reminds us of the use for bathrooms and kitchens in which a simple

Thermosyphon is enough depending on installation conditions. But do you know that these solar hot water systems can withstand the heating of your pool or even the environment of your home (hydraulic floor heating) leading to a wide world of options in forced circulatio systems.

In this article we will talk about these two different options of solar hot water system. In both options the Boiler used is the same. Our product range features high efficiency selective Boilers with minimum thermal losses to the high insulation provided by the 40-mm thick rigid polyurethane. This product is also characterized by its durability and high efficiency, even under extreme conditions. The biggest difference is then in the placement of the collector panels and other elements for each type of system, let’s take a look on each one:

One of the simplest, most reliable and common systems at home, it is based on the principle of convection and natural water circulation: hot water goes up, cold water goes down. In other words: water circulates between the collectors and the thermal reservoir of the system automatically, due to the force created by the temperature differences. When it enters the collector panels, the water heats up and goes up to the thermally insulated tank (cylinder), where it is stored until used. A very economical option for those who want to reduce their expenses with conventional sources of water heating (gas and electricity).

Forced circulation system
Think on the previous system, but in this case the Boiler is usually placed in an appropriate space inside the house. As we do not have the force of gravity here, we need to help the system to work through the use of a hydraulic pump associated with a temperature sensor, whenever this sensor detects that the energy captured by the sun in the collector panel is insufficient to circulate the water between the collector panels and the thermal reservoir, it activates the hydraulic pump. This system can support the heating of swimming pools and even the heating of your home environment.

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