Would a Career in Business be Right for You?

Many individuals who may have always envisioned a career in business may not be suited for the environment. It's always appealing to think of a successful career in an industry which is rewarding and always relevant, and the field of business is surely that. However, it's important to know that your personality and working style fit a business career.

What's important to remember is that there are so many branches, fields and progression opportunities within a business that it can be hard to pinpoint one for your consideration. If you're thinking about a business career in general, this could be anything from financing, to marketing, to a sales role or even analytics and data study with a business analytics masters online. At some stage, you will need to narrow this down to find your most suited role, but at an early stage when considering the beginning of a business qualification or career journey, these general points are some you may want to consider:

  • You're very driven. A career in business can be highly demanding, no matter the role. With so many areas which could go wrong with even the most successful companies, having a very dedicated work ethic and being able to drive your goals forward will be essential for business success.
  • You're good with people. Even if you're planning to work primarily independently, such as from home, you will still need good people skills for business due to the number of people you're bound to interact with — especially consumers. Being a people person means you can more easily form positive business relationships when needed.
  • You're an excellent communicator. Good communication is essential for good business, whether dealing with consumers or working within a team. Communication skills can always be learned, but you could fit in well within a business environment if you're naturally a good communicator.
  • You live and breathe business. Some people are just naturally business driven. Maybe you've always had a passion for commerce, for product ideas, for sales and consumer-driven careers. If you can think of nothing else, you're more passionate about than business, this is a great start.
  • You already have exceptional qualifications. This one's a bonus, but if it applies to you, you're already off to a good start. If you've already earned a qualification in the area of business, such as a foundation business degree, or even a higher degree like a business analytics masters online, then you've already set yourself at a good standard for success in this field.

The Pros and Cons of a Career in Business

Like any career choice, business comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. The latter may not necessarily be a deal-breaker, depending on what you are looking for in a career and the working style you would prefer. In exploring whether a career in business is right for you, it's always a good idea to weigh up the pros and cons.

Pros of a Career in Business

  • You'll have a lot of career opportunities. Business is everywhere, and there is a significant number of business career options to pursue. There's no doubt that you'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to career opportunities.
  • The skills you study for business will be applicable in a wide variety of fields. If you're unsure which specific position, you'd like at this point when beginning your business journey, or even if you change your mind down the line, the great news is that any skills you learn for business can be transferable to many different roles and fields.
  • You have the opportunity for further study. There's so much to learn within a business, which means if you're a keen student and looking to excel in your qualifications, there's always more to study. You can specialize in a specific business area, or even earn a higher degree, such as a business analytics masters online.
  • Salary can be very dependable. A career in business can often mean a dependable salary and not only that, but you have the potential to make a very high salary depending on how high you would like to rise within the business world. If you're looking to gain managerial positions or even CEO positions, you're looking at significant salary expectations.
  • You have the opportunity to start your own business. It may be that your passion for business leads you to want to start (and run) your own. This means that a career in business is a good one for those who are looking to be their own boss and drive their own goals.
  • You can specialize in specific business areas depending on your interests. The business field offers such a great wealth of specializations, meaning there are many substantial options to choose from. You may want to gain a marketing qualification, learn more about sales, perhaps even manufacturing, or earn your Business analytics masters online.

Cons of a Career in Business

  • It's a competitive market. Any business position can be highly competitive, which means you may be up against tough competition when applying for jobs. Not only that, but business itself is competitive, which means even working within a successful company means being up against other companies trying to push a similar product.
  • Starting your own business can be risky. If your business career sees you wanting to run your own company, this can be an extremely risky endeavor. The risk may always pay off through hard work and dedication, but it's still a risk to consider if you're looking to become an entrepreneur.
  • Greater success may depend on qualifications or study. Due to the high competitiveness of business roles, and the need for good business know-how, your success may depend on how much study you choose to undertake. Some positions may be non-negotiable in needing a higher degree or significant educational background. You may even need to earn a master's degree, like a business analytics masters online, to set yourself at the same level as any competition.
  • It can be very demanding. Due to the fast-paced and pressurized environment of many businesses, this career choice can be very demanding — especially for those business roles that see you working on the frontlines, such as sales or marketing. This type of demanding working routine may not be suited to everyone.
  • It’s very sales driven. This could be a pro depending on how you look at it, and if you love sales-oriented careers and would thrive in this atmosphere, that's a great start. However, a career that depends on driving sales and new business can be more pressurized, which could be considered a con.

8 Tips for Excelling in a Business Career

1. Get Qualified

If you want to set yourself on the right foot and give yourself the best chance from the beginning of your career, then your first step should be to gain a relevant business qualification. This means you have a good foundation to apply for business positions and increase your learning. Even if you already have a base degree, you may want to take the next step in your qualification, like a business analytics masters online, to give yourself the edge. Those with a master's degree may be able to apply for a broader scope of business positions compared to those without.

2. Learn as Much as You Can

Learning in business isn't just about official qualifications, either. Always strive to learn as much as you can about your field of business for success. This could be:

  • Networking with business professionals
  • Company research
  • Finding a business mentor who can guide you
  • Perusing business resources
  • Reading business books and guides
  • Work experience and learning by doing
  • 3. Set Your Business Goals

Success in a business career won't be attained easily if you don't have any relevant business goals. To work hard, and know what you're working towards, you need to set your relevant career and business goals to think ahead. This means that you can have your goals in mind for every decision you make within your career and business, which means less time wasted and time used more productively.

4. Always Strive for Improvement

Within a business career, there's never a point where you will have learned everything. It's important to always keep an open mind about learning new things and personal improvement. Be sure to learn from mistakes and take the appropriate steps to improve anything you do within your career and business.

Gain as much constructive feedback as possible, whether that's personal feedback or feedback from consumers regarding a business you're running or working within.

5. Never Stop Learning

Further qualifications can be gained at any stage of your career, no matter your age or the amount of time you've been working within a business. If you feel as though there is an area you would like to learn more about or consider a different qualification to give you more options, never seek to stop learning. You can find relevant specialties like a business analytics masters online for better data understanding, for example.

6. If in the Middle of Your Career, Consider an Online Business Degree

You may not have chosen to study any qualification at the start of your career, and maybe your chosen path never needed a specific degree. However, if you're in the middle of your career and deciding that you would like to further push your business career and are now planning to further your expertise by earning a degree, an online business degree is a great option for flexibility. This allows you to work and study in the middle of your career path more easily so that you don't have to worry about refraining from work while you attend a college. Qualifications such as a business analytics masters online can be a rewarding study pathway to take the next step in your business career.

7. Make Good Contacts

Often in business, it's about who you know. Making good business contacts and positive connections will never be a negative when it comes to business. Be sure to make time for networking opportunities and speak to business professionals when applicable.

You may also be more likely to meet like-minded business professionals through an education setting with fellow students, even if it's an online degree like a business analytics masters online.

Other contacts within relevant industries may help for a smoother business career, too, such as suppliers or manufacturers.

So, as well as spending time on your own business goals and success, also make time to cultivate positive working relationships, too.

8. Develop Your Skills

Success in business doesn't come from only business-related skills and qualifications. There are many other skills needed to develop yourself as a business professional. For example, some individuals aspiring for business success may be very driven and skilled in their area but may lack personal discipline or organization, which could get in the way of a smooth working routine. In this case, improving your personal organization skills will help you to work more productively.

Other skills relevant to business success include:

  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Building a thick skin

If you're finding that some of these skills are lacking, taking the time to build them and learn will be a rewarding opportunity.

Final Thoughts

Would a business career be right for you? Are you ready to excel in your business career? Whether you're just starting out and perhaps considering a degree like a business analytics masters online, or whether you're in the middle of an established business career and looking to improve your options, it's never too late to focus more on your business career success and achieve your personal goals.