In a statement, the Regional Civil Protection and Fire Service of the Azores added that, according to the Azores Seism Volcanic Surveillance and Information Center (CIVISA), the event took place at 11:47 am local time (12:47 pm in Lisbon) and had a magnitude of 5 , 4 on the Richter scale and epicenter about 67 km to WNW (west-northwest) from Capelo, on the island of Faial.

According to the information available, "the earthquake was felt with maximum intensity IV / V (Modified Mercalli Scale) in the parishes of Capelo, Castelo Branco, Praia do Norte and Feteira (Horta municipality, Faial island)".

The event was also intensely felt "IV in the parishes of Cedros, Salão, Ribeirinha, Praia do Almoxarife, Flamengos, Angústias, Matriz and Conceição (municipality of Horta), on the island of Faial", adds the Civil Protection.

In Pico, the earthquake was also felt in several parishes with intensities III / IV, as well as on the island of São Jorge.

On Terceira Island, it was felt with intensity III on the Modified Mercalli Scale also in several parishes, according to the Civil Protection statement.

The Azorean Regional Civil Protection Service adds that "CIVISA continues to monitor the evolution of the situation, issuing new communications if necessary".