The Assistant Secretary of State and Internal Affairs, Antero Luís, clarified at a press conference that people living in Residential Structures for the Elderly (ERPI) "are equated to confined for the purposes of voting exercise". "It's not that they're confined, but for voting rights purposes they're considered confined and that means they'll be able to vote in the same way as those who are truly confined and therefore mean they can vote where they're habitually living," he said. Antero Luís stressed that this is another opportunity for the elderly to be able to vote that adds to the existing ones, namely the early vote on mobility, on 17 January, or even on 24 January, like any other citizen.

The vice-president of the Institute of Social Security (ISS) clarified that the old people who prefer the option of collecting votes in the institution "have to enroll in it on the platform". "They have to register to vote and this registration is an inscription that, I'm sure, the institutions will help to do," said Catarina Marcelino. The person responsible said that the survey of information previously made by the ISS served only for the health services to equip these people to confined, so that they can vote in the institutions.