“The changes translate into a 14 percent cut, compared to the current service, operating with 89 percent of the service offered in the same period. These adjustments, which come into effect as of Saturday, will be monitored daily and subject to changes if this need appear”, can be read in a response from the company to Lusa News Agency.

From 18 January, the working hours of "Summer Business Day" (DUV) at Carris will start on working days, with changes in the routes of 706, 711, 758 and 781 that will work with "School Holiday Day" hours (DUF).

According to the company, neighborhood careers (with the exception of routes 26B, 29B, 34B, 37B, 40B and 41B), routes 24E, the lifts (Bica, Glória and Lavra) and the Lift de Santa will have full suspension of operation Fair.

As of the next weekend and the following, Carris will maintain the schedules currently practiced on Saturdays and Sundays / holidays, with the full suspension of the operation of neighborhood routes (except the 40B careers).

The operation of lines 716, 720, 732 and 797, line 24E, lifts and the Santa Justa Lift will also be suspended in full, as is the case on working days.

Buses have a driver's cabin and disinfectant gel dispensers, while taxis and TVDE were advised to have something to divide between the driver and the passenger, where passengers travel, with transportation in the front seat not allowed.