The data was released by the Council of Coffee Exporters of Brazil (Cecafé) and, in total, the South American country received for the sale of green, soluble, roasted and ground coffee, 5.365 million dollars (4.44 billion) last year, 10.3% more than in 2019.

According to the balance sheet released by Cecafé, the amount received by Brazil is equivalent to approximately R $ 29 billion, which represented an increase of 44.1% in the conversion to reais and with which it reached a 5.6% share in exports agribusiness and 2.7% in the country's total exports.

“Due to the covid-19 pandemic, we are going through a challenging period, but at the same time, we had one of the biggest harvests and closed the year with an export of 44.5 million bags, breaking a historical record,” said the president of Cecafé , Nelson Carvalhaes, at a press conference.

The United States continues to be the main destination for Brazilian grains, with 8.1 million bags exported, representing 18.3% of exports. Then came Germany, with 7.6 million (17.1%), Belgium, with 3.7 million (8.4%), Italy, with three million bags (6.8%) and Japan, with 2.4 million bags (5.4%). Brazil has more than 2.2 million hectares cultivated with coffee and, of the more than 264 thousand producers, 72% are small farmers.