+++ Number of voters +++

At the reference date of December 31, there were a total of 10,865,010 voters registered on the electoral roll, according to the Ministry of Internal Administration (MAI).

In Portugal, there were 9,314,947 registered citizens, while abroad, the number was 1,550,063 registered.

+++ Order of candidates on the ballot paper +++

1st - Eduardo Nelson da Costa Baptista

2nd - Marisa Isabel dos Santos Matias

3rd - Marcelo Nuno Duarte Rebelo de Sousa

4th - Tiago Pedro de Sousa Mayan Gonçalves

5th - André Claro Amaral Ventura

6th - Vitorino Francisco da Rocha e Silva

7th - João Manuel Peixoto Ferreira

8th - Ana Maria Rosa Martins Gomes

+++ Vote for Eduardo Baptista is null +++

Eduardo Baptista, a military man, appears on the ballot paper for a legal imposition but his candidacy was not accepted by the Constitutional Court due to the lack of signatures (only six were validated when 7,500 are needed).

The votes for Eduardo Baptista, by the electoral law, will be considered null.

+++ Covid-19 measures on voting day +++

In addition to the rules regarding social distancing and wearing a mask, the number of polling stations was increased in order to mitigate the effects of a large concentration of people due to the epidemiological situation. Polling stations are advising voters to use their own. The Internal Administration expects to spend around €480,000 on sanitary equipment, such as masks, visors, gowns, gloves, alcohol and others for the operation of the presidential elections.

+++ Vote of Portuguese citizens abroad +++

About 5,400 national citizens voted in advance from abroad for the presidential elections, the highest number on record according to preliminary data released by the Government.

+++ Know where to vote +++

If you do not know where you are registered, as well as the voter number, you can obtain this information from the parish council of your place of residence, through the website www.recenseamento.mai.gov.pt or by sending a written message (SMS) to number 3838, with the message "RE (space) CC / BI number (space) date of birth = yyyymmdd".

+++ What time are polling stations open? +++

It will be possible to vote between 08:00 and 19:00. The CNE warns that "after this hour, only voters who are inside the polling station can vote."

Abroad, polling stations operate for two days. The opening takes place on the day before the election, with citizens having the right to vote between 8:00 am and 7:00 pm (local) on the 23rd and, on election day, between 8:00 am and local 19:00 in national territory.

[Source: National Election Commission (CNE) and General Secretariat of the Ministry of Internal Administration (SGMAI)]