Hotel quarantine for Portuguese and other residents returning to the UK

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Portuguese and other foreigners living in the United Kingdom, as well as British nationals, will have to be quarantined in a hotel at their expense on their return to the country to avoid importing new variants of the coronavirus, the British government announced.

"In order to reduce the risk posed by British nationals and return home residents, we will require all arrivals where entry cannot be refused to stay in isolation in government-provided hotel accommodation. They will be received at airports and transported directly to quarantine," he told MPs.

The tightening of the rules will be detailed later by Home Secretary Priti Patel.

At stake is the risk of new infections with more dangerous variants of SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for Covid-19, such as those first detected in South Africa or Brazil.

In addition to these two countries, the measure is to be applied to a further 20 countries, including Portugal, Cape Verde, Angola and Mozambique, as well as Argentina, Chile, from which direct flights are suspended and visitors are banned due to close links with South Africa and Brazil.

Thus, British and UK residents arriving in England from countries potentially affected by the variants are subject to this system, such as Portugal and most southern African and South American countries due to close relations with Brazil and South America.

Since 15 January direct flights from Portugal, Cape Verde and 14 South American countries have been suspended by the UK to avoid the arrival of cases with a new variant of the virus detected in Brazil, which is considered very contagious.

The UK had already banned direct flights from South Africa and other African countries such as Angola and Mozambique in December, and the entry of passengers due to the risk presented by a new strain of SARS-CoV-2, called 501Y.V2, also considered highly infectious.

Arrivals from these countries are already prohibited, except for British and foreigners with resident status, and all have to present a negative result of a diagnostic test performed up to 72 hours before.

Under the current containment regime, all unnecessary foreign travel, such as tourism, is prohibited and the Prime Minister said that exit checks would be increased and people could be prevented from crossing the border "if they do not have a valid reason".

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I am Raju Karki,My family will come in UK ,if they have covid test negative report from Portugal,can they live home isolation?they will come on April. they have family settlement scheme visa,it will finish on April last week,so I am requesting give me something help about it.if it is possible send me something helping latter it help us.can or not ?requesting .thank you.

By Raju Karki from UK on 13-03-2021 01:46

It is still not clear if you drive from Portugal via Spain to catch a ferry to the UK if you have to quarantine in a hotel..all I've read about if you arrive by plane.
Info: I travelled as above and arrived 14 Feb, 8pm on the eve before hotel quarantine.came into mention on my trip if sailing warrants hotel quarantine. I had to quarantine at home for 10days.
I travelled from Coimbra region via Formosa border control..just had to show my passport.
At Santander port I had to show my Covid-19 test certificate (everyone checked) Arriving at Portsmouth port I had to show my online passenger locator data and my Covid-19 test certificate. (they check everyone ) I also got pulled over in the security form apparently didnt mention Portugal only Spain..I said i put it in and what was asked although some new parts on the locator form are very Covid-19 certificate states Portuguese clinic, why would I not include Portugal.
The locator questions are mixed in with questions on the islands associated with that one. Anyway the border control guy after looking again at my docs said, I,m satisfied..sweating a bit..upto a10k fine if misinformed.

By John Miles from UK on 25-02-2021 06:31

Surely now that flights from Brazil to Portugal have been banned then there is no reason for Portugal to be the only European country to have to incur hotel quarantine on arrival in UK as Brazil was and is the problem

By anthony foxwell from UK on 04-02-2021 07:43

If your travelling by vehicle from Portugal via Spain, in the next few days to catch a ferry (sailing) to UK, have you got to quarantine in a hotel when you arrive at the UK port?

By John miles from Other on 28-01-2021 06:48
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