Portugal curbs travel, extends lockdown in face of world's worst virus surge

By TPN/Lusa, in News · 29-01-2021 21:00:00 · 2 Comments

Portuguese nationals will be banned from travelling to other countries by air, land or sea over the next 15 days and strict checks along the border with Spain will be put in place

Portugal extended a nationwide lockdown until mid-February and announced curbs on international travel, as Prime Minister Antonio Costa accepted blame for the world’s worst coronavirus surge, with hospitals on the verge of being overrun. To try to curb the spread, Portuguese nationals will be banned from travelling to other countries by air, land or sea over the next 15 days and strict checks along the border with Spain will be put in place.

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Dr.Jones Stenberg is so right this first time in history a Political propaganda Flu virus of fear and misinformation creating Government power and MONEY. Question where did this fear of this virus came from? It came from TWO University one in England and USA using a Computer models to predict and it was wrong. Then the NYT news paper for money used numbers of death they like to sell fear and it worked.

Then media news repeated NYT news and gave it more drama. People being fearful believing LIES and at the same time Political leaders started to do things base on LIES.

Then in America Marxist Democrat realize fear for political ends, Democratshad to destroy the economy to win election. In political world you cannot win the President if the economy is doing good. Only fear has to be generated for things where going to will for Democrat to win. Destroying economy is NO problem for Marxist

This China Made Flu Virus because a political tool and Money making for the medical industry. They got Billion of dollars and political respect in America They had POWER to shut down businesses by just talking in Calif. Medical people got on TV and made big money to distort reality. The University computer model of lies but got money from Government. Fake media to make money base on lies to fear made big money with ratings. Political in USA used it against President Trump for Democrats are liars.

Here is point view. This whole fraud ideas over this virus was to remove President Trump out of off and make Government more Marxist totalitarian base on flu virus lies and lot of MONEY was made in the medical industry.The reaction to this flu virus setup for total dictatorship government base on fear to control.

By Scott M. Bartley from USA on 08-03-2021 04:14

This is lies!!! Fear mongering communist propaganda! Why is u need outlet spreading these lies?. U have no real valid data to ascertain what u r printing. The lockdown is illegal! There is no pandemic! The Portg government officials and all other bureaucrats connected with this planned organised phony pandemic will be held accountable and put to trial, in a Nuremberg 2 style court trials for mass murder and genocide against humanity!
Be warned u news outlet is complicit as you are by spreading lies and fear mongering to the population, you are will also be held legally accountable in the coming trials for crimes against humanity,

I advise you to retract the lies and propaganda u r foisting onto the general public immediately. Yiu are being reported to organisation of international medical doctors class 4 action against all who are behind the current medical tyranny taking place against the humanity.

By Dr jones stenberg from UK on 30-01-2021 05:14
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