Restrictions for UK travellers to Portugal in place

By TPN/Lusa, in News · 21-12-2020 10:00:00 · 7 Comments

The Government has decreed restrictions on the entry into Portugal of passengers from flights from the United Kingdom, with only nationals or those legally resident in Portugal being able to enter the country.

The restriction, which has come into effect today (21 December), was enacted following the epidemiological evolution in the United Kingdom, where a more contagious variant of the new coronavirus has been identified.

Upon arrival in Portugal, passengers who meet the entry requirements, must also submit a negative Covid-19 test.

According to communiqués released by MAI and the Ministry of Health, if those arriving do not have proof of a negative test, citizens will be “referred by the competent authorities” to “carry out the test within the airport, through qualified health professionals for that purpose ”, while remaining in isolation.

In Portugal the circulation of the new variant of the virus as found in the UK, has not been confirmed, according to data obtained by the National Institute of Health Dr. Ricardo Jorge, who “already included analysis of samples from the month of November and the second wave”.

The measure to restrict the entry of passengers from the United Kingdom "will be updated in line with the evolution of the situation", the communications from the ministries said.

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I flew back from Stanstead yesterday and could only do so because I had my residency papers with me.
More or less the whole plane had to have a covid test at Porto airport. The queue was 5 hours long and cost €100

By Alyson smithers from Porto on 22-12-2020 11:44

Dear Anna, Where were you when UK put Portugal into a red travel zone covid area that required people going and coming back to UK for quarantine when Portugal had one of the lowest covid rates back in June? And for your information come 31st December and you will see the results of Brexit.

By Jose Fernandes from UK on 22-12-2020 07:15

@Anna from Madeira

What on earth are you talking about? You're talking absolute nonsense!

The sanctions have been put in place purely due to the new variant of covid. Theoe governments are acting to keep their populations safe, unlike the inept UK government.

It was only a few months ago, British were calling for EU citizens to be barred from entering the UK. As a second wave swept through Europe.

But why let inconvenient truths get in the way of a bit of anti EU ranting.

By Michael from UK on 22-12-2020 04:23

We flew to Uk on 5th of December
With return flight booked for 31st of December
We have applied for residency in December with and given appointment for March 2021
Will I be allowed back into Portugal on the 31 st of December to return to our home
Ray groves

By Ray groves from Algarve on 22-12-2020 12:08

This is more political than anything else and about Brexit. The EU is treating the U.K. unfairly, it’s ok for us to fish in their waters but is not ok for British fisherman to fish in our waters! It’s not the first time that a French man tries to get all of Europe to put sanctions in the U.K. I recall the last time it happen, we Portuguese stood by our British allies! I guess things have changed, now we are a colony of Brussels and their bureaucrats! At least the U.K. is having a lucky escape! They don’t need the dictatorship of the EU.

By Anna from Madeira on 22-12-2020 10:50

Can I still fly to Portugal as a none resident if I have a PCR test

By Thomas Keeling from UK on 22-12-2020 09:24

I have not yet got residency but i bought a caravan in portugal bk in july on private land i wish to use it for xmas on my own am i allowed to come to Portugal if i do a covid test?,ill be coming from Bristol airport uk to faro my caravan is located in alentejo ...kind regards cheryl

By Cheryl Day from UK on 21-12-2020 05:54
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