January with the most deaths in the last 12 years

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January 2021 had 19,452 deaths according to data from the Death Certificates Information System (SICO) .

These data show that January 2021 was also the month that had more deaths compared to all registered January’s since 2009.

SICO, which only integrates data from the last 12 years, shows that January 20, 2021 was the day in which the most people died, due to all causes - 746 deaths - a value that exceeded the highest recorded in more than 50% on the same day since 2009 (486).

According to data available at SICO, 20 January with the least deaths was 2010 (312) and the one with the highest number was 2015 (486).

This year, on January 20, nearly twice as many people died on the same day last year, (375).

Excluding the first four days of the month, the maximum number of deaths recorded on each day of the same month in the last 12 years was exceeded in all others.

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2015 had the next highest death rate in January.

Compare cold temperature, humidity and rain fall in both years, in January - 2021 & 2015?
Which one has the most?

Hypothermia, arthritis and an inability to light wood fires because of damp, Decreases your 'get up and go' to survive, especially if you are old ,run down and out of luck.

C 19 is real, and so are bad winters. It is also true Portugal had an ageing Population due to a healthy life style.
It still has that Lifestyle.

Mutations, green eyed aliens and fear mongers are not going to win.

By Stephen Walker from Alentejo on 03-02-2021 07:59

Beautiful photograph of a solemn moment in time. The photographer framed it well with shadows in the foreground.

By Herman Edward Seiser from Other on 01-02-2021 11:52

This story and data is misleading!

Has o to do with people dieing from cov 19,

Data from Uk today has shown since December 2020, so called cov infected deaths have almost double because of people dieing from the mRNA phony vaccines.
Huge numbers are now dieing from vaccinations, and the data is being covered up.

The media, including PN, are complicit in hiding the truth from the masses, media is responsible in this planned genocide.

No one believes anymore in this pandemic, except brainwashed. Blind death sheep!

Print the truth, stop spreading propganda fear stories!

By Dr tuber from USA on 01-02-2021 03:59
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