A Home - what means home for you? For most of us it’s the place where you seek sanctuary from the rest of the world. It’s the place where your family spends time together. It’s the place where you feel most comfortable and relaxed. It’s the place where you live your life. And yet, sometimes, you find yourself wishing for something different. Usually this happens when you feel like it’s time for a change and you start dreaming…

Imagine waking up on a sunny winter morning. The sun-rays gently touch your face while you’re opening your eyes. The only sound you hear is the sound of the singing birds outside, except from that, you’re surrounded by a peaceful silence. You turn over to the window side of your light-flooded bedroom and take the first glimpse of the outside world on this beautiful morning. What your eyes get to see is the astonishing view onto your own little Japanese Garden. A garden made of different exotic plants and trees, providing soothing shades of green that are encircled by a winding path made of bright stones and special dark, big gravel.

You step outside to follow the path that leads you into your own magical, little paradise, soaking in the sun-rays, listening to the birds, feeling the cold surface of the stones underneath your feet, when you realize: This is not a dream, this is my home. My home that I’ve been dreaming of for so long. My longtime goal, to transfer an average countryside house into a place of harmony and peace, finally came true:


Dear Reader, stop dreaming. With us, you’ll be able to achieve everything that revolves around real estate. From your property to a Boccia lane, a hot water outdoor shower to your own Japanese garden, we make it happen.

What makes us so successful? Unity. What brings us together, despite different native languages such as German, English, Portuguese, Russian et.al., is the passion for every unique detail, our common mindset of thinking outside the box and, most important: The strong will to support our clients in turning a luxury way of living into a sublime lifestyle. Because at the end of the day, “Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination”.

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