Vaccine rule breakers “should be punished”

By TPN/Lusa, in News · 04-02-2021 14:00:00 · 7 Comments

The prime minister has stated that cases of abuse and non-compliance with the priority rules in the current vaccination process should be punished and called on citizens to "trust" in technical and health authorities.

“Those who do not comply with the vaccination rules must be punished ", declared António Costa at the end of a visit to the health units of Alvalade and Parque, in Lisbon, after being confronted by journalists with situations of abuse and non-compliance with priorities in the process of vaccination against covid-19.

With the Minister of Health, Marta Temido, and the Secretary of State for Parliamentary Affairs, Duarte Cordeiro, at his side, the Prime Minister also tried to send a message that there is no anxiety about this vaccination process. "There is something that is fundamental: It is not worth having an excess of anxiety, nor is it worth rushing to the health care units to ask for the vaccine. Each one will be contacted in order to receive the vaccine at the right moment", he stressed.

António Costa said he considered it essential that the criteria that technical authorities and health authorities define as health priorities are respected. "Let us trust what doctors and health professionals tell us," he said.

The prime minister also maintained that in Portugal, for decades, vaccination were seen as "a fundamental step for disease control". "This has been the case for generations. This has allowed us to greatly improve the results achieved in health. This is another vaccine that we will have to get," he added.

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This is News to make The vaccin more attractive. Pretending everyone wants it Even by cheating. End The corona psychosis please!!!

By David from Algarve on 10-03-2021 10:37

What gives politicians the Wright to the vaccine before vulnerable and older people. This should not happen in a civilised democratic country. For instance UK

By Danny from Algarve on 16-02-2021 08:34

Anyone else hate communists?

By Daco from Algarve on 13-02-2021 11:20

The sooner people get wise to this fake virus and ignore the absurd rules, the sooner we get on with our lives.

By cheryl smallwood from Algarve on 12-02-2021 10:58

Why does this newspaper attract so many conspiracy-theory crackpots? There should be some reasonable limit to the ugliness and abusive language allowed in the comments here. Do the editors really want the Portugal News to be a favorite gathering spot and megaphone for people (one of them not even living in Portugal) who throw around terms like "plandemic" and "Nuremberg 2.0" at a moment when Portugal is close to running out of beds for people dying of the (very real) Covid-19 virus?

By Miranda from Alentejo on 08-02-2021 10:16

Every one of these fools is a lying crook. Technical and health authorities are also lying crooks. The scamvirus is love by politicians. They rule by fiat. Your vote is meaningless.

By rod from USA on 04-02-2021 05:14

In Portugal No one is questioning these people, these politicians are going to answer to the Nuremberg 2.0 trials that are coming, once we pushed back against these communist NaZIs!.

In Portugal people must now, just re-open there businesses!

The great re opening has started in Italy, Uk, Denmark, and other countries,
We must right now take our freedom back!

The plandemic game is FINNISHED!

We know now that it’s a organised plan to destroy and enslave the human rAce, and give power to a few people in a globalists world dictatorship,.

Come on Portugal, open up! The great re opening is here,

By Guy F from Alentejo on 04-02-2021 03:42
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