I’m considerate and respectful of the local population in any country I visit and abide by the law, rules and regulations of the municipality, but the latest restrictions are confounding.
The aim of lockdown is to reduce human contact but the authorities insist we congregate with others on campsites or official parking areas. Our aim, or most of us, is to stay away from people and viruses, but we are not being allowed to.
All we would like is for local authorities to provide facilities, payable when required, where we can empty waste and replenish water, be allowed to buy food and fuel without discrimination, we do not want to cause harm or concern to others. We know some campers don’t do as they should and abuse the freedom they are allowed, but that applies to many individuals in all areas of society. Restrictions have to be applied to movement, but not parking responsibly!
Overnight parking affects no views, and as long as it doesn’t cause obstruction or a problem with larger vehicles allowed to park at the rear of parking places and the back of buildings, so as not to obscure or offend anyone.
Some solutions could include; spare and waste land to be utilised, which would also generate income, time limits to prevent anyone overstaying their welcome, plus clear rules to prevent confusion and number plate recognition when offenders are witnessed.
Everyone is having their freedom denied during the present pandemic, but that shouldn’t mean insensible rules and punishment for sensible people who wish nothing more than to be left in peace.
Russell Atherton,
Guia, Albufeira