But his wrath might well be extended to the celebrities, politicians and elitists who are to be seen in daily denial of the national emergency regulations many of whom have been caught unknowingly off camera chatting face to face without masks or visors. When they do wear a mask it is in a nonchalant style often slung under the chin and chosen more to promote corporate advertising than to protect others.
Sporting personalities celebrate success with hugs, kisses and dervish dances which are imitated by their fans who congregate in clandestine bars and clubs to exhibit their unmasked joy.
And then there is the ritual of the knocking of knuckles and elbows as a tactile substitute for the “high fives”, handshakes and embraces of yore. Hands, knees and bumps-a-daisy might be more appropriate .
There is a deplorable conviction among the under 50s that Covid-19 is a disease confined to the elderly or terminally ill and that lockdown is a necessity which can be safely ignored; that is until it is too late.
Roberto Knight
Cavaleiro, Tomar.