Volunteer doctors turned away from Portugal's struggling health service

By TPN/Lusa, in News, Health · 10-02-2021 10:14:00 · 6 Comments

Thousands of doctors have put their names forward to help state hospitals since last March, but few have been contacted.

Doctors volunteering to help Portugal’s overstretched health service say they are being turned away or encountering unnecessary bureaucracy. Thousands of doctors, most retired but some in the private and public sector offering to work extra hours, have put their names forward to help state hospitals since last March, but few have been contacted. Led by prominent surgeon Gentil Martins, scores of doctors have accused the government of 'pure incompetence' in a letter circulated on Monday.

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Has anyone seen the recent article recently published? It's such a massive discrepancy!
Portugal will next week receive two medical teams from France and Luxembourg, an "important support" in the treatment of Covid-19 patients in hospitals with high intensive care pressure, the Health Ministry announced.

By Anonymous from Other on 15-02-2021 10:41

If people started researching for themselves instead of blindly accepting everything they see in the media they will see that there are so many anomalies. We are now being told that before lockdown is lifted they want there to be fewer than 200 ICU occupancies. In a country of 10 MILLION people! Bearing in mind that in any given year (without a “pandemic”) in Portugal approximately 4000 people die EVERY MONTH from pneumonia! This “deadly” pandemic has allegedly killed 15,000 people in Portugal over the last 13 months (I wonder if they’d have died from pneumonia in a normal year?) Also they want there to be fewer than 60 “cases” per 100,000 inhabitants. Cases aren’t calculated by seeing how many ACTUAL ill people there are, they are counted by urging healthy people to get tested by using an unreliable PCR test (as per the Portuguese Supreme Court as well as the test’s inventor) to “diagnose” “infected” people and inflate the numbers to terrify those who accept everything without question into submission. You just have to walk down the street to see how your fellow citizens are viewing everyone else as a walking biohazard! Meanwhile, businesses are being ruined, jobs lost, livelihoods shattered, families suffering, suicides rocketing, mental health suffering and children’s education and development stunted in an unprecedented way since WW2. It is also worth remembering that those enforcing these measures on the population have not yet missed a paycheque and aren’t worried about losing their businesses that have been built up through years of self sacrifice nor do they have the worry of how they are going to pay bills and feed their families. I urge people to please do some of your own research!

By SS from Algarve on 11-02-2021 09:29

Nothing surprises me, its been liesand smoke screens from the start. End the pantomine now before more harm is caused

By cheryl smallwood from Algarve on 10-02-2021 05:06

According to UNISEF is additional 6,7 milj. children under the age of 5 at risk for starvation due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Hundreds of thousands have already died. Please D, do some actual research.

By Nils from Algarve on 10-02-2021 04:19

AB - That has to be the most ridiculous comment so far in 2021. I will assume you are being sensationalist and trying to garner a reaction. If not, go outside, take a deep breath and come back inside sane. Government incompetence yes, laughable conspiracy theory based on nothing, no.

By D from Algarve on 10-02-2021 03:50

Proof! That the whole covid scam, is a SCAM!

They don’t want other doctors to find out what’s going on, that it’s all a lie!

A murderous filthy lie, has killed millions already with starvation lockdowns, suicides, violence,

The bureaucrats and politicians must be put on trial now for genocide!

By Ab from Other on 10-02-2021 12:40
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