The team at Martin’s E-Bike said: “What we never expected in early 2020 was that the demand of E-bikes would be this high and because of this we are expecting 2021 to be the year that we may have trouble in finding enough bikes to serve all our clients”.

Last summer the team were already starting to order bikes for 2021 and they have ordered more bikes than ever before to keep up with the growing demand as people increasingly choose to enjoy the Algarve while cycling.

“We have a lot of nice and very good models coming soon. The Klever X Speed has a very large battery of 1200Wh, Riese & Muller now starts with full automatic Swing with Enviolo gears, Conway starts with a full suspension trekking model and Victoria has a few new adventure trekking models.

At this moment Martin’s E-Bike have a lot of models in stock, with more on the way and the team recommend that people order bikes now “because ordering extra will be a real big problem and if you are not in time you have to wait till 2022!”.

“In these difficult times we advise you to keep on cycling and enjoy the surroundings. It’s good for your mind and good for your body. Cycling keeps you fit.”

With a Dutch background and quality and training in Holland, Martin’s E-Bike can offer a wide range of bicycles and the best advice for cycling in your situation. Prefer a workout? They have German and Dutch City-, trekking-, folding-, road- and mountain bikes as well.

The team concluded: “When we had the first lock-down in 2020 we really felt some panic among our staff and of course ourselves. In 2021 we started off busy but once again we are in lockdown and we have to say that we are proud to see how flexible our staff have been and how eager they all are to do everything needed to help our clients, provide all the services needed and besides that, organise their private lives”.

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