Doctors call for the Government not forget other illnesses

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The president of the Regional Section of the Centro dos Ordem dos Médicos (SRCOM) has appealed to the Minister of Health to ensure that the Government does not forget the non-covid-19 patients.

"Today is the World Day of the Sick and the feeling we have is that the post-pandemic is not being prepared and we may have one more spot, but with the patients who have their pathologies aggravated and who have not been treated in a timely manner", Carlos Cortes told reporters at the end of a visit to the Portuguese Institute of Oncology (IPO) Francisco Gentil, in Coimbra.

Cortes regretted that a 'task force' was created in September for non-covid-19 patients and that, after five months, there is "no information about what this group is doing".

For the president of SRCOM, it is important that a consistent plan should have been already presented, so that post-pandemic we are prepared "so that hospitals can welcome these patients again, which are many".

"Recently, we had information that there are thousands of patients who have not been treated, with a 20 percent reduction in referral of cancer patients at national level", said Carlos Cortes, stressing that these situations "will have to be taken care of".

"It seems that we have taken all pandemic situations as a surprise, as something that we did not know could happen", he stressed.

The president of SRCOM considers it "absolutely incomprehensible" that, in five months, that 'task force' has still not presented "any work, a plan and guidelines for how hospitals behave in relation to non-covid-19 patients".

"Hospitals are going to have to prepare themselves in the coming months to accommodate all these patients", he said.

Carlos Cortes praised the work of the Coimbra IPO which, in 2020, and despite the pandemic, increased the number of consultations compared to 2019 by 2.6 percent, in addition to maintaining a "reasonable surgical activity, increasing the number of treatments in the hospital Day and also the hospital referral number throughout the Center region".

"This hospital is central to cancer patients and receives patients from all hospitals in the Centro region, allowing these hospitals to dedicate themselves more to covid-19 pathologies", said the leader, emphasizing the contribution of the Coimbra IPO.

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This is a high crime! They just close the door on everyone who is non covid, so they are actually murdering you.

This itself is criminal, and the Portuguese lieing crook politicians have to be arrested, charged with these crimes.

How can it be, that hospitals have just kicked away everyone who is ill or injured or needs operations, and they only take covid people?

What happens if a person falls ill? Then yiu can will just die, because Portuguese criminal communist politicians are murderers!

This is a huge huge huge crime, president costsa must be arrested now!

Portugal is a country full of clowns!

By Truudie from Lisbon on 14-02-2021 08:30

I agree completely. Non Covid patients seems do not not exists.
I tried this week to get an appointment for a evaluation of results after test of a serious problem. But the answer was no. "We do not make appointments for non Covid patients" No Resources. This was at Centro de Saude in Albufeira. We are many patients that are in need of operation.

By Gustav from Algarve on 11-02-2021 11:10
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