“Easter will not be Easter as we know it”

By TPN/Lusa, in News · 13-02-2021 11:00:00 · 4 Comments

Prime Minister, António Costa, has stated that Easter this year "will certainly not be" like the Easter that most Portuguese know.

Costa told journalists that he anticipates the current lockdown restrictions to continue throughout the month of March and until Easter.

“As for Easter, we will have to see. Right now one thing is for sure, there will be no Carnival celebrations and Easter will not be Easter as we know it”, he warned.

This year Easter will take place on 4 April.

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Sheesh - I did not realise how many "Flat Earthers" read this page - but from the above comments, too many.

By Leslie Counhard from Lisbon on 15-02-2021 02:13

what he really says is: "Portugal is already bankrupt,,,,,so, why not make it DOUBLE bankrupt !"

By Matthias Stoermer from Lisbon on 13-02-2021 03:32

Portugal believes the earth has stopped

By SS from Porto on 13-02-2021 01:16


Costa is communist Stalinist tyrant, his lies and fraud of the Portuguese people is equal to mussolini and Hitler!

There is NO pandemic, the Portuguese communist traitor bureaucrats are working hand in hand with the wef klaus Schwab soros gates jewish billionaire Bolsheviks, who ate running this hoax pandemic to br8ng down western economy then take over and turn us all into slaves.

Search for, sucharit bhakdi professor micro biology, online video warnings,
And also his book, the corona virus false alarm!

Portuguese government and all head officials must be arrested immediately and charged with crimes against humanity!

Portugal wake up, open up, arrest all Portuguese officials now!

By Open_eyes from Porto on 13-02-2021 11:18
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