Police fine surfer for breaking lockdown rules

in Algarve, Surf · 17-02-2021 09:33:00 · 8 Comments

PSP police have fined a surfer who needed rescuing in Cascais for breaking lockdown rules.

The alarm was raised when some people who were at the spot on Monday realised the surfer was in difficulties on Poço beach in Estoril. He was assisted by fire-fighters and Maritime Police, and fined as soon as he was brought to shore, for violating the mandatory confinement decreed as part of Covid-containment rules.

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When my bike was stolen the police did not want to care...

By Nes from Alentejo on 20-02-2021 01:32

The author should correct the name of the beach. It is Praia da Poça ( portuguese for puddle ),in the municipality of Cascais, Lisbon district, and not Praia do Poço ( portuguese for a water well ).

By Simbio Atuanatureza from Lisbon on 19-02-2021 12:52

He surfing he could spread the virus to s polvos no resdechao lolaahsh

By John from Algarve on 18-02-2021 11:07

Yay! They must've been more excited about the fact that they had earned 200€ than that they saved a life.

By McNamarinha from Porto on 18-02-2021 08:53

So this is an immediate fine... However the televised national singing competition is still aloud to go one.... Only 13,000 deaths in Portugal as a total and 75% of them were already over 80.... With a population of 10 million we are talking the figure of around 0.1% of the population is dead. This is a Bull**** excuse of a PANDEMIC, How about someone do some research and post the blatant facts that's are hidden away to the people.

By Tommy Lyons Travel's from Algarve on 18-02-2021 04:57

The fine line between safety for everyone, and emprisonament for everyone.

By Giuseppe Rosato from Beiras on 18-02-2021 02:27

Maybe that person could spread virus on the desert beach, to other non existent surfers.

Why can't we do something useful ?

By Gustav from Algarve on 18-02-2021 12:44

So proud of the police, saving us from a deadly virus. Hail to the police.

By Pedro from Lisbon on 17-02-2021 03:17
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