GNR detects 60 infractions in the first month of the new law on motorhomes and wild camping

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The National Republican Guard (GNR) detected 60 infractions under the environmental legislation, namely for caravanning and occasional camping outside the designated sites, in the first month of the entry into force of the new legislation, the authority revealed to Lusa.

Between 9 January and 9 February, GNR applied fines totalling 3,540 Euros, with the vast majority of infractions detected in Faro (55), three in Odemira (Beja district) and two in Moita (Setúbal district).

The offenders were from various countries, namely Luxembourg, Germany, France, England, Poland, Spain, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Finland and also Portugal, the GNR said.

"With the recent legislative change, the GNR is carrying out awareness and enforcement actions in a progressive manner, by adapting to the new regulations, in coordination with local authorities," the entity noted.


In the last few weeks there has been fines under this new law in Armação de Pêra and Vilamoura. The campers at Praia dos Tomates near Vilamoura had been told by the GNR and local police that they would not be moved until after the lockdown ended. Then at 5am one morning the GNR turn up and evict everyone. They say things change, they were heavy handed and laid hands on people, they took passports and driving licences and wouldn't give them back until people paid the fine. They threatened to clamp people who refused to pay the fine on the spot. Surely an on the spot fine means the police issue it on the spot not that you have to pay it on the spot! Very heavy handed work by the GNR which seems like a money raising exercise rather than actually caring about a parking infringement.

By Sam from Algarve on 21-02-2021 07:25

Have a question.Our daughter lives in Estoril. Up to last year, during visiting for several days, we usually left our motorhome, in the parking place along the Avenida Republika. Is this now an offence? Thanks and regards from Dusan, Slovenia

By Dusan Salehar from Other on 21-02-2021 05:28

So they say that Portugal is a democratic country.
It amazes me whit this so called "law " it doesn't make any sense what so ever.

By Rui Anastacio from Lisbon on 21-02-2021 08:48

Hail for the gnr. Feel a lot safer now.

By Pedro from Lisbon on 20-02-2021 01:14

If you want to drive a bedroom on wheels around,then stay in designated campervan site.

I am delighted the GNR are finally taking this issue seriously.

By James from Algarve on 20-02-2021 12:15
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