The road safety campaign “Phone Off - Don't Use Your Mobile Phone while driving”, which involves ANSR, GNR and PSP, will run until 1 March and aims to alert drivers to the negative consequences, and even fatalities, from the improper use of the mobile phone while driving.

According to the ANSR, 23,038 violations of this kind were recorded in 2020, which corresponds to an average of 63 per day.

In a joint statement, the ANSR, GNR and PSP point out that several scientific studies "equate the improper use of the mobile phone with driving under the influence of alcohol", with "very similar" consequences in attention and in the ability to react.

To reduce this type of behaviour, the amendments to the Highway Code in effect since 8 January doubled the amounts of the fines, having passed the limits between €250 and €1,250 and including the docking of three points from a driving license, instead of the previous two points.

The campaign, taking place as part of the National Inspection Plan of 2021, will include actions to raise awareness of ANSR, inspection operations by GNR and PSP, with special focus on roads and accesses with high road flow, to help reduce the risk of accidents and promote the adoption of safer behaviour by drivers.

The National Inspection Plan foresees the realisation of the awareness campaigns simultaneously with inspection operations "in places where infractions regularly occur that represent an increased risk for the occurrence of accidents", stated the authorities.