The appeal was made at the general meeting of RENA, which elected its governing body for the 2021-2023 period, with Paulo Geisler, representative of Lufthansa, being re-elected president, unanimously, according to a statement. "These rapid tests give passengers and those in the airport community the certainty that health and safety remain the top of the priority and convey confidence," said Paulo Geisler, adding that he hopes that "vaccination will quickly contribute to recovery". "A harmonized reduction of the imposed restrictions and the end of quarantines is urgently needed at the global level", underlined the re-elected president of RENA.

The association emphasises that the international airline industry and tourism business were among the sectors most affected by the pandemic at the global level, “going through the biggest crisis ever”. In Portugal, according to RENA, there was a decrease of around 80% in the number of flights and passengers at Portuguese airports and “the situation has been aggravated by the additional restrictions implemented in recent weeks, which are even more severe than than any time in 2020 ”.

Another of the topics addressed at the general meeting was “the increasingly close connection with IATA, airline associations in other countries and other stakeholders” and measures to support the sector, including the reduction of airport charges, “the access to incentive programs by all agents in the sector and a clear direction in airport policy ”, reads the document. "Cooperation with IATA and other RENA partners is of the utmost importance for a robust resumption", mentions Paulo Geisler.

At the RENA meeting, Vilma Varga, representing TAP Air Portugal, Cristina Ferreira, representing Euroatlantic Airways, Alen Mlekuz, by Qatar Airways, and Rui Presentation, SATA representative, were elected as members of RENA's management. Carlos Brito (former managing director of Continental Airlines and former chief financial officer of United Airlines) has been appointed as secretary general, replacing Paco Ayuso.