In a draft resolution that was delivered today to the Assembly of the Republic, and to which the Lusa agency had access, Chega recommends that the Government "pay the telephone and 'internet' expenses of State workers, when telecommuting, with retroactive payments for 2020 ". In the explanatory memorandum of the initiative (which does not have the force of law), the only deputy of Chega points out that "the Government has recently clarified that companies have to bear the costs of telephone and 'internet' for their workers when they teleworking ".

"Now, since the State has made teleworking mandatory since 2020 [due to the covid-19 pandemic], it has not borne such burdens, which have thus severely burdened its own workers, clearly not having applied to them what it imposes on private companies. ", criticizes André Ventura. "The State as an employer should set an example and, consequently, urgently, recognise the right to pay such charges in relation to its own workers, and the same should be processed retroactively to the year 2020" , asks André Ventura, arguing that "it is of complete justice and absolute coherence to demand from the State the same as that which it demands from private employers".

For Chega, there are no "reasons why public sector workers do not receive the expenses they have been incurring in the service of the State when, clearly, it is the State that must provide its workers, as an employer, with that which indispensable to their professional activity ". The leader of Chega also notes that "several representative structures of public sector professionals have insistently taken care of this problem, for example, the professionals of the Tax Inspection, among others, without the Government having commented on the same".