According to the Regional Directorate for Culture of the Center (DRCC), in the last few months, seven applications were approved in the context of the Operational Program Centro 2020.

Of these projects, the works of the Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Velha (Coimbra), the church of the Monastery of Santa Maria de Maceira Dão (Mangualde) and the Church of Carmo (Coimbra) are already underway.

By the end of the first semester of this year, works should begin at the Monastery of Celas, Coimbra, the Sé Nova and the Sé Velha of the same city and also in the Sé de Viseu.

“In 2022, the Centro Region will have at its disposal a heritage redeveloped and with better conditions to ensure the safeguarding and promotion of part of its history and identity and, in the same way, a valued heritage that will contribute to overcome the challenges from the point of view of development and territorial promotion”, stresses the Regional Director of Culture of the Center, Suzana Menezes.

The official warns that, however, “there is still much to do, because the preservation and safeguarding of heritage is a work that continues over time”.