The strategic plan was elaborated by the two elected members of the Municipal Youth Council of Tábua (CMJT), together with three young people, from different fields of action who were invited.

"We discussed what we wanted, what we thought was missing for the young people of Tábua. After we made the survey of diverse ideas, we grouped them according to the areas of action", said on 2 September to the Lusa News Agency one of the elected members of the CMJT, Beatriz Carvalho.

This plan for youth includes seven topics: sports, tourism and leisure, innovation and entrepreneurship, education, training and capacity building, employment and housing.

Active citizenship, culture, as well as communication, are other topics that are part of the plan.

In terms of education, training and capacity-building, young people suggested creating a kind of "open university”, but in this case they hoped that young people during their training process could "attend companies to have the first contact with the world of work in the area of their studies", explained Beatriz Carvalho.

The idea is also to create a "Youth Parliament", with young representatives from the different parishes, where they could debate the needs and opportunities needed of each place.

One of the problems that young people in Tábua detected was the fact that "information is sometimes very dispersed".

Therefore, they suggested creating a "more direct communication channel" where they could find all the information dedicated to young people.

In terms of communication, they suggested a youth portal where all the information directed to young people could be hosted, as well as the creation of the Youth Ombudsman, with the aim of promoting greater proximity and incentive to participate and active citizenship and consequent interaction between the municipality's services and young people.

Other proposals, in terms of innovation and entrepreneurship, include the creation of a youth office to "support young people to clarify their doubts and questions throughout their school or professional career, referring them to the services that already exist in the municipality", she underlined.

The preparation of an arts competition in social networks, the creation of a municipal volunteer bank, the implementation of actions to collect rubbish, as well as campaigns to collect goods are other measures.