Portugal temporarily suspends AstraZeneca shots

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Portugal last night temporarily suspended AstraZeneca COVID-19 shots, amid reports of blood clots in some patients who had received the vaccine.

Officials here said around 170,000 people in Portugal have received the Oxford jab.

The vaccination task force had earlier announced that up to 80,000 teachers and school workers would be vaccinated this coming weekend, but this has now been postponed due to the suspension of AstraZeneca.

The schedule for vaccinating high-risk groups in Portugal remains in place.

The Azores and Madeira will also suspend the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine against covid-19 following guidelines announced yesterday by Portugal’s Directorate General for Health, drugs watchdog Infarmed and the temporary suspension task force.

The suspension of the vaccine’s administration in Portugal came just one day after Infarmed and DGS declared that the AstraZeneca jab could continue to be administered. M

ore than a dozen countries have now suspended it as a "precaution", after reports of serious cases of blood clots in people who have been vaccinated with doses of the AstraZeneca drug.

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Stop the vaccine rollout. Nothing more than a flu, we've all been duped.

By cheryl smallwood from Other on 18-03-2021 11:44

There can be no benefit that outweighs the risks in any of these shots, because COVID-19 is by far the safest way to get immunity to COVID-19. Average age of Death from COVID-19 itself is the highest all over the world in comparison to the "Vaccine" related deaths.

By Kari Lehto from Other on 16-03-2021 09:27

Interesting to see how these countries react now it has been announced, by the British press, that the rate of blood clots is higher with the Pfizer jab than the AZ jab

By Steve Ward from UK on 16-03-2021 02:35

Deaths and cases in the UK have plummeted while most of continental Europe is at the beginning of a third wave, caused by the inability of the EU to deliver an effective vaccine strategy. With the UK likely to be sufficiently vaccinated to ensure a return to normal life by the summer, the EU will look to place the blame on AZ on the basis of supply and safety issues. Particularly as tourism dependant southern EU members like Portugal and Spain will pay the price for the travel ban the UK will impose over the summer. Which Boris is itching to impose on economic grounds and thereby ensuring UK citizens remain at home.

By Steve Ward from UK on 16-03-2021 01:39

Good move by Portugal after all the reported serious side effects for many cases after taking this vaccination. This drug was to be given to Portugal's teachers. Are the teachers aware that this is only by consent and not mandatory and they have a choice whether to take the vaccine? Teachers do you not wonder why all these pharma companies have been awarded immunity from prosecution. They wouldn't need the immunity if these drugs were safe. Only take this drug if that is your personal choice, and don't be swayed by deliberate propaganda.

By Michael Wayne Knight from UK on 16-03-2021 11:59

Come on Portugal, we need the vaccines, think for yourself don't be a lemming, blindly following the dumb stupidity of other EU countries.
Tens of millions of doses of this AZ vaccine have been given without incident, yet you suspend this life saving lifeline, for the sake of 3 cases in Norway where the link is circumstantial NOT PROVEN. Your idiotic draconian lockdown policy is continuing to destroy what's left of a fragile economy - you should be doing everything in your power to speed up the current pathetic glacial vaccine rollout - not make it even slower - a total disgrace.

By Gary Clarke from Lisbon on 16-03-2021 11:28
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