Now Casa Verde can take care of all these problems, it doesn’t matter if it’s wood, masonry, tiles, natural stone or others.

On previous Green Sections (now Renewable Section) we have introduced you to the benefits of proPERLA®, its qualities and have explained the application process (Step by Step). Now Casa Verde would like to present the LATEST solutions for all your home surfaces and porous materials!

For our newest readers, proPERLA® is a leader in façade coatings. Engineered to improve surface to resist weather influences caused by rain, frost, and sun.

Super hydrophobic coatings and paints

proPERLA® is more than just a façade coating, it’s a product to keep exterior surfaces dry, which keeps homes warmer while improving energy efficiency.

Introducing our range of exterior waterproof paints and coatings designed to reduce energy costs and protecting your home.

All proPERLA® products reduce heat loss, offer a self-cleaning surface, will allow the building to breathe, slow ageing or breakdown of the surface.

proPERLA® Masonry Crème
This clear product penetrates deep into the substrate, creating an invisible insulation barrier that reduces water absorption by more than 95%.

proPERLA® Insulation Crème has been tested according to EN ISO 15148:2002, demonstrating its hygrothermal performance on concrete, mortar, brick and sandstone, it also undergone UKAS Accredited testing. This product maintains the original masonry finish while maintaining the wall 6ºC warmer on average.

proPERLA® Water Repellent
Is a clear waterproofing treatment for roof tiles of all mineral surfaces such as clay, concrete, terracotta, natural stone, slate, fibre cement and others. This product extends the life-span of roofs.

Renotec Roof Coating Systems
Is a scientifically developed product by specialized engineers, that has the power to restore roofs, without actually having to re-roof. This product can improve the appearance of the roof, help increase the property value as well as it represents a real alternative to costly total roof replacement. This product as opposed to proPERLA® Water Repellent is available in a range of reds, blue and green.

proPERLA® Paving Impregnator
Is an efficient protection of paving stones, concrete slabs, driveways and patios. It’s very quick and easy to apply, dries invisible, while being highly breathable (a proPERLA® quality stamp).

proPERLA® Wood Impregnator
Is the perfect product to protect your pergola (for example) or any wood material/structure that you have outside. Like the Paving Impregnator it’s very quick and easy to apply, while extending the lifespan of the wood by keeping it dry.

proPERLA® helps prevent various problems like salt efflorescence, which creates unsightly marks on brickwork. Problems associated with penetrating damp such as water marks, damp patches, mold growth and condensation are significantly reduced. This is thanks to proPERLA® combination of water repellency and high breathability, allowing walls to stay and remain dry.

Why is proPERLA® superior?
Most systems work as surface treatments and erode with wind driven rain and last only short term. Furthermore, many waterproofing treatments work as “sealers” and do not allow moisture to escape from inside the surface. This is what leads to damp and paint failure!

Super Hydrophobic
Water cannot stick to the coated surface but forms droplets that run off.

Water and Moisture are able to escape the masonry due to the high breathability rating of the product.

Masonry remains always clean and attractive as dirt is unable to take hold.

Insulation Barrier
Reduce water absorption by more than 95%. Dry walls mean less heat loss.
Let us help you find the best proPERLA® solution for your home.

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