Relating to the article published in the edition 1616 “The proposal to prevent the feminisation of male adolescents in China”, Dr. Marcoux, who has developed a theory about left and right-handed behaviour, has a solution to present on this.
That article ended saying that “There are 70 million more men than women in this country. No country in the world has such a deformed sex ratio. Isn’t that masculine enough?”. So, we can conclude that China has a big problem of gender discrepancy.

To find solutions, Dr. Marcoux did research that he has shared with The Portugal News. In China, “a family could have only one baby, because the population is very high. And they preferred boys than girls, because they wanted a big and strong army, so it has created a lot of stress in the mother”, he said.

According to him, the collective consciousness in China in that time was to find a solution – so a great desire is placed on parents to have baby boys. “So what happened was that slowly there started to be born more left-handed women”. That means for Dr. Marcoux that these young girls that have been born, with parents that really wanted to have boys instead girls, “they were conceive by their parents to act like a man, so they are more active and less sensitive, they will be left-handed”.

According to Dr. Marcoux, although people still prefer to have boys, because they continue with the concept that they’re “better for the army and less complicated”, at the same time the collective “knows - unconsciously speaking - they need more women in the country, so they start to want, unconsciously, more girls which led them to conceive left-handed boys, more sensitive without any desire of playing football or to join the army”, which has been a problem for China!

After this theorisation of what goes on in China, in Dr. Marcoux’s point of view, it presents solutions, which involve not forcing these men to do things they don’t like, which are not part of their nature, but rather to take advantages of the characteristics of each one, including those women who are very good at sports.

And it doesn’t stop here. According to Dr. Marcoux, the differences between left-handed and right-handed people are just the beginning. It would be very simple, but Dr. Marcoux presents something more complicated - there are four categories of behavioural profiles. For example, a left-handed man can be very sensitive, or even not sensitive at all - it depends on the profile that Dr. Marcoux has categorised in four types of left-handed men and four types of left-handed women and the same for right-handed people. In total there are eight profiles of women and eight profiles of men that he discovered.

With the analysis of behavioural profiles, it is possible, through this concept, to analyse the ability of each one. Why not direct people to what they are best at? Why not use certain women who are really strong in the army or at playing football? Instead of pushing these young men to do things they don’t like and even “could make them sick”. According to Dr. Marcoux with this attitude, China could guarantee they have the best teams without forcing people to be what they are not.