Although the countries are close by, the reality is that they are a little different in terms of their dating mentality and the fashions that they wear while they are in a relationship. Reviewers from the website made an ask for their users if there are Portuguese people who have dated Italians to gain information about the things in relationships that are common for Portugal and Italy.

Mentality aspect

The primary aspect of dating that is important to examine as a difference between the countries is their mentality towards dating. In Portugal, the dedication to commitment is more important than the element of romance in a relationship. That means that men from this country are less likely to be surprising you with romantic gestures like a bouquet of roses and a hot air balloon ride. Instead, they’ll start to do things that are more geared toward special commitments, like bringing you home to meet their family and allowing you to meet their friends. That way, they can see the ways that their date fits into the rest of their lifestyle, especially with regards to their parents. Italians tend to be more on the romantic and passionate side of relationships. They are going to go out of their way to make grand gestures, but they are also powerfully connected to their family. While Portuguese men will bring a date home to meet the family early because they want to check the compatibility, Italian men will typically wait to introduce a woman to their family until they are personally certain about the individual. Thus, some elements of their relationships are similar, but there are also other parts that are not the same. People from both countries tend to be highly educated and dedicated to work, family, and improving their personal situation.

Fashion aspect

Another interesting element of dating that should be explored between men in Italy and Portugal is the fashions that are worn by both. When it comes to the women in Portugal, you’ll find that they are more liberal with their clothing than women in conservative European countries. That means you can find some bright colors, plunging necklines, and dresses that show off a little skin. Women in Italy are often raised more conservatively, so their fashion is not as open as the ones that you find in Portugal. However, it is important to remember that fashions and acceptable behavior change all the time in these areas. Men in Portugal will often dress up for their dates in pants and a Polo shirt at least. Men in both Italy and Portugal like to get dressed up and show that they can look the part of an important and well-to-do man. Italian men are more likely to wear a suit and tie out to dinner, but that might have something to do with the climate in Portugal and the more relaxed social situation. All in all, both groups have some overlap in male fashion, but it seems that women in Portugal integrate bright colors and less-conservative clothes into their dating clothing.

The differences between Portugal and Italy can be rather stark. Both countries do emphasize family, but their approach to dating as a whole is rather different. The clothes they wear, the way they view commitment and passion, and other differences make it clear that the two cultures are unique. Of course, you can find someone to enjoy dating from either culture since they are both rich and filled with interesting, beautiful people.