In ‘Think Like a Monk’ the author shares his thoughts and wisdom that he learnt during the 3 years he was a monk. He combines ancient wisdom and offers practical steps that can be taken every day and help you lead a meaningful life. This is not a memoir but rather a guide to help you find joy and purpose in your life.

The book is divided into three sections, Let Go, Grow and Give. There are concepts in this book that you may have read in other self-development books, but the way the author combines his stories with references to ancient texts help set this book apart and keep it fresh. There are written and verbal exercises to expand your mind.

No matter your personal faith, this book will help you reconnect with yourself.

I found the book easy to read. I did not feel like Shetty was preaching in the book but merely offering different suggestions and ideas which added a personal feel when reading. If you are a fan of his podcasts then this book will be a great read.

The book is big and the quality is great which an added bonus.

With everything going on in the world right now the lessons in this book may just be what you need to help guide you through each day and calm your thoughts.