Esposende SmartCity is based on the pillars of "Sustainability, People, Territory and Art" and has "major purposes" to increase the "quality of life" of the population and "make the city closer to the citizens" in that municipality in the district of Braga.

The data collected will be available on a single IoT platform, (internet of things), which will also account for the register of infrastructures and points of interest, with the aim of "making Esposende able to responding, in an integrated and real time, to the different urban challenges, promoting inclusive and efficient solutions in the use of resources, but also generating added value and creating wealth".

"The foundations for the Esposende SmartCities process are now launched, as we have the data capable of promoting a digital transformation mechanism, which promotes the effectiveness and efficiency of resources, through a complex system of information, but guaranteed its easy perception and its impact on the territory", explained in the presentation the Mayor of Esposende, Benjamim Pereira.

The mayor stressed that "now, there is more information to make available, with more useful parameters for everyone".

Benjamim Pereira added that Esposende wanted to "integrate, from the first hour, the leading squad in the introduction of management and information measures to the citizens, grasping the concept of integrated technological development, recognized as SmartCity".

The project relied on cooperation with entities such as the Portuguese Environment Agency, the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests, the Captaincy, and even the Academy, for "providing data that is already enriching the information platform".