High profile Portuguese question vaccine roll out

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Dozens of Portuguese personalities have come together to launch a public appeal for vaccines against Covid-19 to be considered as in the common interest of the people and for Europe not to subject this process to market laws.

In the 'manifesto' to which Lusa had access - which has the former president of Infarmed, José Aranda da Silva, as the main author and underwriters as diverse as former presidential candidates Ana Gomes and Marisa Matias, the former director General of Health, Constantino Sakellarides, or Bishop Januário Torgal Ferreira, warns of the urgent need to increase the speed of the vaccination process at European level.

“It is incomprehensible the lack of vaccines observed today in Portugal and in Europe, which have placed European citizens in a position of subordination in relation to vaccine producers. The arguments put forward by the European Commission regarding the nature of the contracts, the existing production capacity and the agreed prices are not acceptable”, says the appeal.

The initiative calls for a different stance from the European Commission to “demonstrate fully and definitively its ability to overcome financial and industrial interests” with pharmaceutical companies, in addition to recalling the legal possibilities at the time.

“In the face of the catastrophe that we are experiencing, and in view of the tragic insufficiency of the European response, citizens are calling for urgent measures to be taken that are capable of protecting people's health. These measures demand the transparent sharing of information, the use of legislation that was foreseen for catastrophe situations and the mobilisation of resources and productive capacities”, defends the appeal.

Thus, these Portuguese personalities reiterate that "now is the time for the European Commission to publish the vaccine production sites existing in the Union" and to "invoke the European legislation on industrial property to allow production in factories of different laboratories", in the sense to ensure that the population is vaccinated by summer.

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My Partner is 86 years old has chronic kidney disease we are both residents and yes we have made certain to register with the National Health... and he has yet to be called for a vaccination! In fact, I don’t know anyone who has gotten a vaccine. How slow is slow! This is ridiculous.....what is the problem. We are doing our part, social distancing, washing the hands, wearing masks....living a caged life. So, the Government needs to do its part and get the vaccines in arms. When some countries can do Millions in a single day Portugal is doing hundreds or so it seems! Open up more sites...train people to give the injections or use nursing and medical students....Just get it done!

By Christina Wheeler from Algarve on 09-04-2021 09:52

Using celebrities to persuade people to get a vaccination is disgusting. Like Bill Gates, celebrities have no medical background and are unqualified to tell people what medical decisions they should be making. People need to do their own research to be aware of any dangers of taking this vaccination. Remember, all these vaccinations only have emergency use approval and are all undergoing long term testing on the people who are having the vaccination.

By Michael Wayne Knight from Other on 09-04-2021 12:12

The TRUTH, you can't handle the truth, interesting how ''personalities'' outweigh trained professionals, what a lot of crock, Mr Sylvester, in years to come you can quietly say '' i told you so'' and I and others will be there to agree with you because in time of a disaster you won't hear ''is there a doctor in the house'' but ''is there a personality in the house'' sad times.

By Joao Martins from Algarve on 08-04-2021 10:39

I will only be happy once a full and total lack of this poison is achieved. Along with a lack of confinement and restrictions based on pure fearmongering and fantasy marketed as "science". ("Science" that does not come from actual scientific work but of politically motivated advocates.)

By K. Lehto from Other on 08-04-2021 06:04

Using Portuguese as guinea pigs for lab experiment while selling the country to Chinese. And the Portuguese people can't get enough of it

By Latoysha Adams from USA on 08-04-2021 04:30

All a bunch of delusional clowns belonging to the same Master.
A fact remains a fact : The proportionate chance of an adverse reaction to life (disability, injury, or even death) from the virus is actually lower than from having taken the vaccine itself.
Incompetency on the part of our so called "High Profile persons" in society is an understatement.
Time to empower oneself to seek the real TRUTH !

By Greg Sylvester from Porto on 08-04-2021 03:50
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