Nature Park to use drones for security

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The municipality of Castelo Branco will use drones to implement a security and surveillance project in the Barrocal Natural Park.

In a statement sent to the Lusa agency, the municipality of Castelo Branco said the project "counts on the support of Albatroz Engenharia in training, in the creation of manuals and operation procedures and in the planning of missions in the Barrocal".

"Castelo Branco has assumed a very active role in terms of entrepreneurship and innovation. The project that is being developed is a good example of bringing the business fabric closer to the public domain", says the Mayor, José Augusto Alves.

The mayor underlines that he wants to continue the path of entrepreneurship and approach to the business fabric of the region, "doing justice to the recognition of Castelo Branco as a European Region of Entrepreneurship".

According to the municipality, the drones will work as a complement to the existing security system.

"They will contribute to dissuade behaviours of non-compliance with the rules established for the park, also working at the level of protection and support in any cases of loss or other adversities that may take place," reads the note.

Integrated in the classified territories of the Geopark Naturtejo World UNESCO and the Biosphere Reserve Transfrontier Tejo|Tajo Internacional, the City council of Castelo Branco invested 1.4 million Euros in the creation of the Barrocal Natural Park.

With an extension of 40 hectares, the park presents a visitable area of 11 hectares, with seven viewpoints, several geological formations of interest, walkways and natural trails, children's playground, bird observatory, among other natural attractions.

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I'm highly interested in this article for a variety of reasons. I'd very much like to be put in touch with Mayor, José Augusto Alves. If anyone can give me his email, I'd be very grateful!

By Simon Blackburn from UK on 12-04-2021 11:21
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