Prison population falling

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The Annual Internal Security Report (RASI) has shown that the number of people in prison in Portugal has fallen over the past year, mainly due to new rules brought in due to Covid 19.

According to the RASI, of the 11,412 prisoners counted on 31 December, 93 percent were men and only 7 percent women, with Portugal showing a ratio of 110.9 prisoners per 100,000 inhabitants.

The report states that compared to 2019, the total number of prisoners decreased by 1,381, noting that Law 9/2020 of 10 April, relating to the covid-19 pandemic, contributed decisively to this result.

The year 2020 - highlights the report - is the fifth consecutive year in which the number of prisoners has declined, and last 31 December, the occupancy rate was 87.6 percent.

"It represents a 10 percent decrease compared to the same date of 2019, being the third consecutive year that there was no overcrowding in the prison system. The relationship between the female and male prison population, as well as the relationship between preventive and convicted persons, remained stable, in spite of, that the relative weight of preventives increased 2.1 percent", stresses RASI.

As for the nationality of the prisoners, the relationship between foreigners (15.5 percent) and Portuguese (84.5 percent) remained stable, with the relative value of the foreign prisoners having dropped 3.2 percent in the last nine years.

Among the reasons for imprisonment, crimes against people, followed by crimes against property and related to narcotics are the main reasons why people go to prison, with crimes against people growing by 4.5 percent.

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The whole if portugal is in prison since one year! So another lie and propaganda by portugal news.

The Communist globalist planned medical tyranny as written in there book, published in 2017, named: spars pandemic 2025 2028; clearl6 out lines the world takedown of the human race, and creation of a trans human genetically modified new human beings,

The cat is out of the bag, people are going to rise up and take back there freedom and there world.

The new 4th reich, klaus Schwab, soros, Biden , merkel, guterres, are living on borrowed time

By Churchill from Porto on 11-04-2021 12:55

You guys really ought to hire a proofreader with a firm grasp of English to go over these articles. The sentence structures are so obviously Portuguese (way too many commas, dashes in odd places) that it makes it difficult to parse the information.

This is a problem across every article written in English on this site.

By T. from Algarve on 11-04-2021 11:05

So are we supposed to feel safer now ?
Are we supposed to say thanks to covid for criminality in the country to have decreased ?
Not only do we live in a fascistic country, today we also live in one where utopian madness has quite literally wrecked havoc in our sense of reality !
All part of the agenda to confuse our minds by feeding us egg shells when all we demand is our freedom back !!!

By Jack Gilmore from Lisbon on 11-04-2021 10:40
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