In a press release sent to Lusa News Agency, SEF explains that, in the same operation, it also seized a false identification document in the case that occurred on Saturday.

"The 15 citizens, of Portuguese and foreign nationality, aged between 19 and 63 years old, working in several European countries, were intercepted by SEF inspectors after having carried out a suspicious manoeuvre with the vehicle they were travelling on", said SEF.

According to the information, when presenting the identification documents, those people concerned also showed "certificates of a test for covid-19 with evidence of imitation", which was later confirmed by the laboratory.

SEF also adds that one of the citizens was arrested for having displayed a false identification document and that he will be present for first interrogation in the same court.

The borders of Spain have been closed since 31 January due to the covid-19 pandemic, with circulation between the two countries only at the 18 authorized crossing points. Eduardo Cabrita, stated that the control of people at the land and river borders between Portugal and Spain will remain as long as it is "strictly necessary".