Pfizer tops negative side effect complaints in Portugal

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More than 80 percent of negative side effects reported following the administration of a Covid vaccine in Portugal are related to the Pfizer jab

According to EudraVigilance, which reports adverse drug reactions, of the 3,650 complaints logged in Portugal, around 3,000 related to the Pfizer vaccine.

The AstraZeneca vaccine meanwhile accounted for 15 percent of all complaints, or around 500. On a European level, women appeared more likely to suffer from side effects, representing almost 75 percent of complaints related to AstraZeneca.

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My husband, which is Portuguese by birth came to Portugal in 2020 to reside permanently here from California. We are over 70. We are refusing to take the AstraZeneca vaccine as family members in the USA had allergic reaction. Is Portugal going to start vaccinating prople over 70 with Pfizer anytime soon?? Otherwise, we are considering going back to the US to be vaccinated. Please let us know. Thank you
Jeannot Horta

By Jeannot Horta from Lisbon on 17-05-2021 06:42

The article gives a ridiculous conclusion using the EudraVigilance report as it’s basis. Intended to inflame rather than inform. Not worth reading.

By Terrance Mason from Other on 16-05-2021 07:34

Seriuosly Dought the Pfizer vaccin sideeffects!
Many 1000:nds of people in Sweden states that they have had all kinds of side effects from Astra Zenecas vaccin.
You can NOT choice the vaccin you rather would have! They ALWAYS give people Astra Zeneca.
If you say NO, they kick you out and you have to wait last in line.
And guess who is leading the stock market HUGE in Sweden? Vice President of Astra Z. And I bet he is a BIG FRIEND OF THE PRIMEMINISTER Löfven!! Socialdemocrates!

That is Sweden in a NUT shell for you!

By Bo Bjoerklund from Algarve on 20-04-2021 04:30

Motherf****** alarmism and fear-mongering...

Far more Pfizer vaccines than the other brads have been administered in the EU. And even then look at the percentage of the total those cases represent. Ridiculously tiny...

By Apa from Lisbon on 14-04-2021 08:46

I am seriously doubting these claims about the Pfizer vac side effects in Portugal. Are they creditable or simply madeup by anti vaccers spreading untrue claims?

By Eleanor from Other on 14-04-2021 07:48

Got chest pain after get the pfizer shot on sunday april 11th still have pain when i take a breath

By Miroon from Other on 14-04-2021 07:51

I am a 69 yr.old woman with a phenumonectomy and mastectomy on right side. I also have nsclc in my lung. I had the 2 moderna shots. At first no reaction then just saturday over 4 weeks ago . I am feeling pain in my only breast starting from middle of chest to under arm lymph node.
Tomorrow morn. I see my doctor..

By Deborah from USA on 14-04-2021 12:33

It is important to put this information into proper perspective. There have been far more Pfizer vaccines administered in the EU countries than other vaccines. According to the same source (EudraVigilance) Portugal had administered 1.4 million doses of Pfizer, 388 000 thousand of AZ, and 128 000 thousand of Moderna.

By Annie from Algarve on 13-04-2021 02:41
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