The Portugal News now in Turkish

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Following the successful launch of The Portugal News online in Spanish, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Russian, Romanian and Chinese readers can now access all the news from Portugal in Turkish.

With Turkish visitors and residents making up a growing number of our readers, the new foreign translator will work to provide all of the content you can read in English on our website and the other languages now in Turkish.

This new language on The Portugal News website is still in the beta testing stage of development, so we ask our readers to please bear with us as we iron out any possible problems. We would also greatly appreciate your feedback on the languages and would be happy to hear your comments sent to our translators and foreign journalists.

Look out for new features, sections and exclusive content coming soon in all the various languages at

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Terrible news. Look at at Cyprus have you learned nothing

By David from UK on 16-04-2021 02:03

This is a fantastic initiative, thank you very much! Shared it with my fellow Turks and I'll be following.
Obrigada :))

By Buket Konuk-Hirst from Porto on 16-04-2021 10:26

What a welcoming message you're sending to the Turkish community. It's been a pleasure following the news related to Portugal. Now I can do it in my native language. Obrigada!

By Ela Gursel from Porto on 16-04-2021 01:55
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