In a statement, the GNR said that in 2020 and within the scope of protecting nature and the environment, the SEPNA military carried out 73,450 patrols and 228,244 inspections that resulted in the arrest of 51 people, the lifting of 18,884 offenses and the detection of 1,100 crimes.

GNR also takes stock of the telephone line SOS Ambiente e Território do SEPNA, available 24 hours a day through the number 808 200 520, which registered, in 2020, a total of 12,185 complaints, which resulted in the registration of 2,286 administrative offenses and 110 crimes following the detected infractions.

According to the police, the line allows any citizen to report situations that violate environmental legislation and obtain advice on matters related to nature, environment, forests, pets, sanitary and spatial planning laws.

The GNR reports that it carries out a wide range of activities related to hunting, waste, handling of plant protection products, defence of the forest against fires, extraction of inert materials and potentially dangerous animals and pets.

The corporation also says that environmental crime is one of the priorities in the fight against serious and organised international crime adopted by the Council of the European Union, taking into account that it has become one of the most profitable organised crime activities in the world, having an impact not only on environment, as well as society and the economy as a whole.

“The European Union tries to focus its fight on dismantling criminal organisations involved in the trafficking of wild species and combating all those involved in the illegal trafficking of waste, as well as establishing partnerships with entities and organisations in order to improve the control and the fight against environmental crime”, said the GNR.