Portugal may achieve herd immunity “at the beginning" of the summer

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The Secretary of State for Health has said that Portugal could achieve herd immunity to Covid-19 "towards the beginning rather than at the end of the summer", if the pace of vaccination continues.

“If the forecasts come true, in what vaccines are available, then during the summer, more towards the beginning than towards the end, we will reach 70 percent adult population with a vaccine”, Diogo Serras Lopes told journalists.

The governor presided today for the inauguration of the vaccination centre in Portimão, one of the four municipalities in the country with the highest incidence rate of covid-19 per 100 thousand inhabitants when the third phase of easing of lockdown began, on April 19, which forced the municipality to go back to the first phase.

According to Diogo Serras Lopes, the Government's goal is to achieve, during the summer, the goal of herd immunity (70% of the population), although the Government “does not like to give very specific goals, given that there have already been surprises with bad news about the delivery of vaccines”.

The minister revealed that the Government will reinforce vaccination in the municipalities that had to go back to the first phase of lockdown due to the number of registered cases, “so that the pandemic is controlled more quickly”.

“One of the things that has been done is that the municipalities that had to retreat in the phase of deflation are privileged in terms of vaccination and may have a higher percentage of vaccines allocated. There will be a logic, not only of age groups, but also where there are more cases, and Portimão is one of those cases”, he said.

The Secretary of State for Health refused to delay the vaccination process for the population of the Algarve, refuting the accusations of mayors who protested the fact that the Algarve is, allegedly, one of the regions with the least vaccinated population.

One of the most striking accusations came from the Mayor of Portimão, Isilda Gomes (PS), who a week ago said that the Government was not assuming its responsibility in the vaccination process in the Algarve.

“There is no delay in vaccination in the Algarve, because the rate of vaccination depends on the number of vaccines that arrive. The Algarve is a vital area for the country in terms of the economy”, claimed the Secretary of State for Health.

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They keep saying this, but so far they have given 2.9m vaccines in a country of 10m people. That's enough for 15% of the population (assuming two vaccinations each). To reach 70%, they need to give 11m vaccinations in the next 2 months (2 x 5.5m people). That's 5.5m per month, or over 1m per week. That means ~150,000 vaccinations per day, every day, for the next two months. On average over the last month, they've done about 20-30k per day, max was about 120k when doing the teaching staff on one day.

So unless this is going to step up FIVE TIMES over what they've been doing in last month (when it was all supposed to be ramping up in April, but it never happened) then these people need to shut up with their promises, get their finger out, and actually start delivering what they keep promising but then fail to deliver again and again and again.

By Paul from Lisbon on 27-04-2021 12:13
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